Las Vegas: How Many Casinos Are There and What Are the Top 10?

Have you ever wondered about how many casinos can actually be found in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”? What are the top 10 casinos in the top gambling city on Earth?

Many American citizens are still puzzled by these questions, namely because Las Vegas is full of amazing casinos that offer incredible experiences. Luckily, this article will answer your questions.

Have you ever wondered about how many casinos can actually be found in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”? What are the top 10 casinos in the top gambling city on Earth?

Many American citizens are still puzzled by these questions, namely because Las Vegas is full of amazing casinos that offer incredible experiences. Luckily, this article will answer your questions.

City of Lights

Las Vegas, Nevada. Many call it the “City of Lights,” and some say it is the most extreme place in the United States, with a strange and almost otherworldly, surreal atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else on our planet. For a long time, Las Vegas has been a boiling pot of dreams, high hopes, big risks, and just a pinch of chaos. All this is powered by one thing: the best casinos the universe can offer!

Vegas casinos look more like palaces or artistic masterpieces offering fame, fortune, and riches beyond our wildest dreams if we enter. The city streets are filled with a symphony of glimmering casino lights, colors, and sounds that are unmatched anywhere else. Some even call it “Sin City.” And best of all: it’s open all night long! Millions of Americans and tourists from around the world visit it every year, however, a lot of people may not know just how many casinos you can find there.

Take a look at how many casinos you can find in Las Vegas and check out our top 10 list of the best casinos in this legendary city!

How Many Casinos Are There?

The city of Vegas is located in Clark County. It is a major resort city, and other than gambling, it offers exciting nightlife, dining, plenty of entertainment, and fun tourist attractions. The city itself was settled in the early 1900s, and a more than a century later, it is filled with top class casinos, luxurious hotels, and mega-resorts. So how many casinos in Las Vegas can ensure you a decent holiday of gambling?

First off, it’s important to mention that Americans often use “Las Vegas” to refer to the areas that are outside the city limits. In fact, even the most famous street, aka Las Vegas Strip, contains some areas which don’t officially belong to the city. The 4.2-mile stretch where the best casinos and most recognizable landmarks can be found is the most famous and most visited, but you there are lots of casinos all over the city.

However, this is where things can get confusing: the total number of casinos in the city depends on what we define as Las Vegas.

Overall, around 100 casinos currently operating in the Las Vegas valley, the Strip as well as the suburbs and downtown areas. This number can be obtained by looking at casino licenses from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Another thing to note is that casinos are defined by the Commission as places that have fifteen or more slot machines. This means bars, gas stations, and 7-11’s which offer gambling machines like slots or video poker are excluded from the number of official casinos.

To make things slightly more confusing, an official number in Nevada or Las Vegas doesn’t exist, but we can use reports from the Gaming Control Board to obtain some figures. According to those numbers, Clark County contains 166 casinos, and Nevada has 334 casinos in total, including the other popular gambling areas such as Lake Tahoe and Reno.

Perhaps the closest figure we can get is if we go by gaming revenue for the city, which is split into these four regions:

  • Downtown: 16 casinos with a $631 million overall revenue (2017)
  • North Las Vegas: 12 casinos with a $288 million overall revenue (2017).
  • Boulder Strip: 32 casinos with a $813 million overall revenue (2017).
  • Las Vegas Strip: 39 with a $6.46 billion overall revenue (2017)

The Strip is responsible for over 50% in gaming revenues in the whole state of Nevada, which definitely proves it’s the most popular place in Las Vegas where you can find some of the biggest casinos. There are hundreds of casinos in Vegas, but with all these figures, we can conclude that the number is around 100.

Let’s look at our top ten casino list for the best, most popular and largest casinos Las Vegas has to offer.

Top 10 Casinos in Vegas

The Venetian

the Venetian las vegas

The Venetian is the largest casino in Las Vegas, and it can be found on the Strip. There are over 115 tables, 2,500+ machines for video poker and slots. The architecture and interior were inspired by the Renaissance and the beautiful, romantic city of Venice, Italy.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace hotel resort features any game imaginable and it is among the most famous casinos in the world. There are two casino wings for high rollers and average gamblers. Caesars Palace offers 2,000+ different games such as roulette, slots or blackjack. Its concert venue, “The Colosseum,” is among the most popular in the city and many world-class performers visit it every year.



This massive resort features plenty of attractions and top games. It is very famous for its dancing fountains found outside of the resort. The Bellagio offers an upscale experience and many top games such as roulette, blackjack or slots. The poker room is among the classiest in Vegas.

Mandalay Bay


Mandalay Bay features an enormous, 1-million gallon aquarium full of thousands of sharks, reptiles, fish, and other sea creatures. There is an awesome glass tunnel that will take you under the water, and you will see some beautiful sights. Regarding casino options, there are over 120 tables and almost 2,500 video poker and slot machines.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is undeniably the biggest casino complex in the world. There are four different areas for gaming that all feature a different theme along with a wide variety of games. MGM Grand has 3,700 video poker machines and around 100 tables.

New York, New York

Other than the stunning offer of 2400+ slots and 40+ tables, this casino is famous for its theme, which, of course, replicates the fabulous city of New York. This establishment is truly a one-of-a-kind casino which you simply have to visit in Las Vegas!

Golden Nugget

golden nugget

The Nugget is found in Downtown and it is among the best Las Vegas casinos for table games. The greatest thing about this Vegas casino is that the table games are also available outside, right next to a huge pool!

Paris Las Vegas

las vegas paris

This resort will take you straight into the heart of Paris, the city of love! Among the most famous attractions in the casino is the massive Eiffel Tower replica and there are many other elements of romantic Paris to be seen here. It offers 100+ tables and approximately 2,000 machines.

Red Rock

Red Rock

This Las Vegas casino resort is a favorite of the locals, but it is still very popular for tourists. It offers the standard casino games and thousands of different varieties along with a bingo hall that has even 610 seats!

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock hotel and casino definitely offers a unique experience by combining casinos and rock music. It is over 30,000 square feet large and features six restaurants, a swimming pool, thousands of casino games and a concert venue. It is not very popular for earning a lot of gambling revenue, but most of its earnings come from tourists and music fans looking for a great Las Vegas experience.

Viva Las Vegas

In conclusion, you can have tons of in the city of Las Vegas! This legendary American city offers endless possibilities to fill your wildest dreams of becoming rich. You should definitely plan a trip as soon as possible and have the best casino experience this world can offer!

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